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    Australian Bushfoods, also called bush tucker, are foods native to Australia. Bushfoods are getting more and more popular since they have been recognised as Australia’s unique food identity.

    We grow commercially bushfoods on our property in Youngs Siding in Western Australia since 2006. Our fruits, herbs and spices are sold wholesale and/or retail under the name of “Flavours of Oz”.

    Since 2016 we also propagate bushfood plants which are sold at our farm gate (by appointment only) or in nurseries.

    Who Are We

    The Bushfood Factory and Flavours of Oz® were founded in 2006 by its actual owners Björn & Claudia Form. After having spent years with sowing, planting and testing several different Australian native food plants in our orchard in Youngs Siding (Western Australia), we now grow commercially 20 different bushfood plants with success. The fruits, leaves and/or tubers are used in our gourmet products.
    We are very sensitive to our wonderful Australian environment and grow all our plants organically. When planning and creating our business, we decided that the environmental aspect should be treated with priority. Our business leads by example through the high financial investments and through the multitude of actions taken with respect to energy reduction and environmental conservation.
    Originally from Switzerland, we were attracted to Australia by its fabulous nature, so different from that in Europe, and by its lifestyle. Our background was completely different to horticulture, so we had to learn about plants, soils and to be patient. Our knowledge is mainly based on our own experience (learning the hard way – by making mistakes!).
    In 2013 we created the Bushfood Association of Western Australia (Inc) with the idea to share our experience. Our business was awarded the Gold Medal at the Western Australian Tourism Awards in 2013. Our products have also been awarded at the Royal Perth Show.

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    Bush Tucker or Bushfood?

    Bush tucker is the common name for edible Australian plants or animals. It is more and more replaced by Bush Food or Bushfood. In fact, most of the plants and animals grown and bred are referred to as bushfood, bush tucker being the plants and food available and harvested in the wild.

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