Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake (Claudia’s)

Lemon Myrtle Leaves

One of Claudia’s most successful cakes is the Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake. Our customers at the cafe always make sure this cake is available when booking a table. Here is the recipe:
1 packet biscuits (Butterscotch, Nice or similar)
80 g unsalted butter
500 g cream cheese
150 g castor sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tsp ground lemon myrtle
400 g cream
2 tsp gelatin in 50 ml hot water
To make base, melt butter and combine with crushed biscuits. Press into cake mold and set in fridge.
For filling, whip cream and set aside. Combine cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice and lemon myrtle and beat until smooth. Add gelatine dissolved in hot water and fold in whipped cream. Pour mixture onto base and set in fridge