Lemon Myrtle Refresh (Claudia’s)

lemon myrtle refresh

This is the most refreshing drink I ever made and it is so simple to prepare. Here is the recipe:

Crunch in your hand 5-10 fresh lemon myrtle leaves

( dried leaves can also be used, but the flavour is slightly different, and the drink will be a bit less refreshing.
https://www.flavoursofoz.com.au/product/lemon-myrtle-leaves-whole-dried/ )

Put them in a pan with 0.5 liter of water and bring to boil. Cut the heat as soon as the water starts to boil, cover and let infuse for 5 minutes. Add sugar to taste. Add 1.5 liter of cold water and 2-3 slices of fresh ginger . Let cool and infuse in your fridge for 12 hours. That’s it !